A fun and fantastic quiz podcast for kids and families on the road.

Best Quiz Ever is produced by game developer and podcast veteran, Aaron Robbins, and features an episodic based story, 10-24 questions about popular kid’s cartoons, shows, videos games, theme parks and cultural phenomena and an original commercial from the Galactible Brands universe. The show is fun for the whole family and is made possible by a cast of professional voice actors.

Recent Episodes

29 – Wreck it Ralph Part 2 & CandyClouds

Now big time for second part of Wreck it Ralph podcast quiz part number 2.  We have been made of knowledge about the release of a sequel to Wreck it Ralph and knew then to be true to take 2 entire kids podcast episodes to quiz you and your family on happy original edition of this video game movie of yeah yeah! On this kids podcast we have 16 more questiony questions about Venellope and her sidekick Ralph? You love best kids podcast and we love to make products you buy with out much thinking. Enjoy this part 2 or original Wreck it Ralph quiz.

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28 – Wreck it Ralph Part 1 & Video Game Mittens

8 bit high fives fans of video game movies! We at the Galactible Brands wonderful toy company are happy time feelings to bring you a two part kid and family quiz podcast on your best loved inside a video game movie called Wreck it Ralph. We have been hearing small chitter of chatters of Wreck it Ralph 2 also being known to your Earthlings as a sequel and wanted to make absolute positive we agree on number one best products to create for this wondrous kid movie. On today kid quiz podcast for kids we ask you 16 questions about the lovable big guy Ralph and his sidekick Vanellope?  Best of magic times on this family podcast for vacation times.

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27 – Movies with a lot of Water & The PopsyTopsy

Big time fun splashes kid and parent quiz takers.  Galactible Brands for Best Quiz Ever wishing you happy beggining to your Earth summer on some continents.  For very special retro style famly podcast quiz we have excellent questions from your favorite Earth movies which lots of water around. From Jaws to the Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Caribbean we've got your fun time family podcast quiz covered. Also check out our newest product the PopsyTopsy.

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26 – Moana & Taconut Trees

A Low Hah people of Earth. Galactible Brands is proud to bring you very adventuresome water movie about girl from Disney studio who set forth to return little rock to big angry rock that looks like good place to roast one of your Earth style tube steaks. In this Moana quiz kids podcast we put to you excellent questions about Moana, Maui and the whole Motunui crew.  Get ready for plenty of family friendly podcast fun on this 26 episode of the favorite podcast of kids Best Quiz Ever.

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25 – Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers and The Lunch Bag Launcher

Super cells of power greetings Earthlings, we here at Galactible Brands are offering very charged up kids quiz show today on the lovable super hero girl cartoon watching show Power Puff Girls, also because of big time movie rebooting for cinema tie-in we throw extra fun time quiz questions about the Power Rangers too hard to follow TV show. We hope you are to be liking with honest feelings this family podcast for go go travel time. Power up your thinking socks because its time to get thinking about Power Puff Girls and Power Rangers.

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Cast & Crew

Best Quiz Ever is made possible by a talented cast of professional voice over artists. Each week scripts are sent out to voice actors who deliver their performances remotely. Finished audio is sent to the show's producer before being edited, mastered and released. A ginormous thank you to every artist who has read for this show.

Aaron Robbins

Creator, Writer
Production Crew, Voice Actor

Aaron Robbins is a 20 year veteran of the online media world. He's been podcasting for nearly a decade, hosting or co-hosting shows like Dole Whips & Dark Rides and The Part Time Author Podcast. He also runs several YouTube channels related to 3d modeling and game development which have garnered nearly 2000 active subscribers. When not producing new media content he works as an online marketing consultant in the broadcast and educational sectors. Aaron live is California and loves waffles.

Tom Sykes

Voice of Renaldo Fitz-Shaw-naw-naw
Voice Actor

With years of experience in voice over, Tom has recorded hundreds of projects from commercials, learning and training narrations to telephone on hold work and more. Tom is known for his attention to detail, promptness, and on-time delivery. His voice has been described by other professionals as a “clear, mid range, engaging voice, with a relaxing, warm tone”. A "natural at reading copy," He can read in a charismatic, trusting style with a subdued tone or pull in drama and excitement at his command.

Hugh Mura

Various, Commercials
Voice Actor

Hugh Mura's experience as a motivational speaker, teacher, actor and healthcare professional have helped him become a top-notch communicator with heart. His voice has been described as Every Man's Voice, as well as Warm, Sincere, Trustworthy, High-Energy, and Animated.

Patrick Palmerston

Voice of the Aliens
Voice Actor

Pat has a background in acting and music which has made his Voice Over range very versatile. Pat has also spent a vast amount of time and resources on proper Voice Over training, as well as creating a professional home studio. Pat has quickly created a full time Voice Acting Career working with clients like Nike, xTV and Pixel Corps and continues to build his client list.